Why Us


Why Pungar Valley

Four nascent mines in the vicinity of the Himalayan valley; total daily production capacity of nearly 800 metric tons of top-of-the grade soapstone; an excellent growth trajectory in just less than a decade, Pungar Valley Enterprise has been offering you every reason to become your partner of choice.

We started operation in 2013; however, in a short span of just four years of official incorporation, we have been able to lock an annual turnover of INR 57.6 millions of worth. Today we own and operate four mines in Uttarakhand; G.K. Soapstone, Gopal Ram, Raj Rauli, and Sawan Mines & Minerals.

The soapstone-based market across the globe is challenged by sourcing of the right nature of the raw material that can be put in to value addition in to different products. Globally, soapstone available in Brazil, India (mines of Uttarakhand) and Pakistan-Afghanistan border are considered to be of the best quality. However, due to the cross-border dispute, sourcing of soapstone from the mines of Pakistan-Afghanistan is not feasible. This has shifted the focus to the mines of the Uttarakhand state of India, where we have been operating majorly.

The stone that we provide match to the utmost quality standard and require minimum post processing, which makes us the first choice in the global soapstone supplier market.

With Pungar Valley Enterprises, you can expect nothing, but the best of the quality soapstones…